Connected Devices Simplified

Manage your wireless data plans, devices, and subscription revenue
with our award winning all-in-one wireless platform for M2M/IoT deployments

RETAIL - is the perfect fit for managing a group of lines on behalf of your customers, or send them here to self-manage.
COST: No platform fee, data plans only
  • No contracts and no setup, activation, or termination fees
  • Wireless Data Plans for IoT
  • Manage devices across multiple carriers from one portal
  • Coverage for US, North America, and 190 Countries
  • Verizon, AT&T, T-MOBILE, and Vodafone
  • Activate, change, or pause plans anytime online
  • Usage monitoring by pool and individual lines
  • Access discounts for multiple lines
BUSINESS - open your own marketplace to offer data plans and subscriptions to your customers without the cost or burden of building it.
COST: * No platform fee, data plans only
  • Everything in, plus
  • Offer wireless service to your customers through a marketplace store front
  • Participate in the revenue with commitment based line counts
  • Sell wireless products unique to your device and subscription offering
  • Customized email notifications with elements of your branding
  • Avoid the hassle of carrier management, billing and collections
  • Offer Verizon, AT&T, T-MOBILE, and Vodafone connected subscriptions
  • Branded Email Notifications
  • Custom Data Plans
* Platform fee waived on 100 line commitments
ENTERPRISE - an integrated wireless platform for scale that provides you with everything to successfully deploy your IoT product.
COST: Starting at $ 1,495 per month
  • Everything in marketplace, plus
  • White labeled end-user website for selling services and self-care
  • Integrated carrier management
  • On-demand end-user activations across multiple carriers
  • Carrier class billing for usage, events, or just basic monthly charges
  • API/xPI for integration with your device, portal, or mobile app
  • Visual Financial and Operational Dashboard to monitor your finances and operation
  • Automated Past Due/Delinquency management to interrupt service for non-payment

Device Connectivity



All-in-one Wireless Strategy

  • On demand LTE, CAT-M1, and NB-IoT data plans customized for your equipment and service offering
  • Concierge network provisioning support
    (Public, Private, Dynamic, Static, NAT, ...etc)
  • Deploy to 190 countries with personalized support for your business model
  • Productize your connection and make the final step toward becoming a service provider
  • Pay-per-use pricing, pooling, stadium and bundled commits
  • available

Billing and Subscriber Management

Powerful on demand provisioning, rating, billing, and customer management platform

White Labeled
Store Front

Scalable, flexible,
automated, and integrated

Billing, Finance,
Payment Processing

Subscriber Portal
Whitelabeled account access for your users

  • Automated subscriber sign-up
  • Zero-touch device activations
  • End user account management
  • Device usage reporting
  • Historical invoice access
  • Configurable to match your brand
  • Save thousands in front-end costs
  • Turn key deployment
  • SSO Integration Enabled

Back Office
Easily manage subscriber accounts

  • Daily billing and revenue tracking
  • Automated delinquency tracking
  • Billing to Carrier synchronization
  • Usage harvesting and monitoring
  • Polaris Revenue Dashboard
  • Included PCI/CPNI Compliance
  • End user email notifications
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • API/xPI Integration Ready


Why RevX?

Companies shifting to subscription services revenue now have the opportunity to secure an affordable connectivity, monetization, and operational platform.

The RevX IoT platform includes all of the vital features required to launch and scale your device connectivity and subscription offering. Our platform enables companies to maximize revenue with usage, entitlement, and event-based billing, while automating on-demand activations, service level provisioning, charging, billing, and collections.



RevX is committed to ensuring your business objectives are properly aligned and that you have the visibility and data necessary to manage your day to day operation.

Client Service

RevX is committed to the excellence in its software and services. We’re there every step of the way to ensure your strategic initiatives are being addressed by our solutions.

Managed Service

Our turnkey, managed cloud service is highly affordable for most any budget with nominal set up and monthly fees.